How To Find And Report Bugs In Free Fire Advance Server?

The purpose of the FF Advance Server is to fix bugs and enhance gameplay for players. The question arises: How can you find a bug and report it to Garena? In return, Garena offers a reward of 1000 diamonds to those players who discover and report bugs. Getting 1000 diamonds for reporting bugs is particularly exciting for players who cannot buy diamonds and are always searching for free diamonds. Consequently, I actively search for bugs while playing the game, starting numerous gaming sessions to identify mistakes and glitches made by the developers.

One day, while playing on the advanced server, I discovered a bug. However, I was unsure about how to submit that bug to the developers. This prompted me to think about reporting bugs, so I reached out to one of my friends who is an avid Free Fire player and a pro at the game. He shared with me an almost official method to report bugs. Let me discuss this method in detail.

How to find and report bugs in free fire advance server

Reporting Bugs in Free Fire Advance Server

To report bugs to the developers of Free Fire, follow the given steps:

  1. Access the Free Fire Advance Server.
  2. Play the game repeatedly to find a bug.
  3. Create a video showcasing the bug you discovered while playing.
  4. Go to the official website of the Free Fire Advance Server.
  5. Click on “Find a Bug and Get Diamonds.”
  6. You will see the option to report a bug.
  7. Complete the form, providing details such as bug description, Free Fire Advance Server UID, phone model, video link, and three images of the bug.
  8. Submit the form.

Once you complete this reporting process, developers will review your report. If they find it meaningful, they will reward you with 1000 diamonds that can be used to purchase in-game items.

Bug Hunting in Free Fire Advance Server

Bug hunting is a real task, and if you’re a regular Free Fire player, you can easily spot glitches and mistakes. However, for newcomers, it might be a bit challenging to identify any glitches or mistakes in the game. Here, I am going to share a method to find bugs. Follow these steps to discover glitches:

  1. Explore Game Modes: Check out different game modes, especially the new ones that haven’t been extensively tested. There’s a higher chance of finding mistakes and glitches in these modes.
  2. Follow the Map: Explore every corner of the map. Often, unexpected errors and glitches can be found in less-explored areas.
  3. Test Everything: While playing, test various aspects such as shooting enemies to evaluate weapons, check for map glitches, and observe damage glitches while engaging with enemies.

These tips can help you adopt a proactive approach to finding glitches and mistakes in the Free Fire Advance Server.

Recap – How to Find and Report Bugs in Free Fire Advance Server

To find bugs in the Free Fire Advance Server, you need to engage in specific activities such as testing game modes and gun modes. Once you identify a bug, you should submit it to the official Free Fire Advance Server and receive a reward of 1000 diamonds.

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