How To Get Free Skins In Free Fire – A Complete Guide

Free Fire has become the most popular battle royale game in India after the ban of PUBG. It has gained immense popularity, boasting over 50 million active users, according to statistics. For exclusive characters or weapons skins you can test FF Advance Server.

Free Fire consistently introduces new features to keep its players engaged, offering exclusive in-game items like characters and skins, which are highly appealing. While these skins are typically purchased with real money, players who cannot afford to spend can still acquire them for free.

how-to get free gun skins in free fire


Most upcoming unique characters and skins can be obtained using diamonds from the in-game shop. In this guide, we will discuss how to get free skins in Free Fire.

Players can earn various weapon skins through in-game events, as Garena launches events gradually. To participate, players need to complete different missions and earn weapon skins. Those who cannot afford to spend money can take part when a new season launches.

Through The Official Free Fire Website

Players should visit and register using their email account, following some steps after registration.

After registering, players will receive a referral link that they can share with friends. Inviting friends to the site through this URL will earn the player 50 diamonds for each successful registration.

These diamonds can then be used to acquire desired in-game items, such as weapon skins, after the redemption process.

Elite Pass

Players can also receive free goodies with the free version of the Elite Pass. To do this, users have to complete specific missions. After completing these missions and collecting various badges, players can claim rewards, including the opportunity to earn free skins.

Redeem Codes

Players can obtain free characters and weapon skins by using redeem codes. These codes can be obtained from Garena’s social media platforms or even from popular YouTubers’ streams.

Recap – How to Get Free Skins in Free Fire

To obtain free skins in Free Fire, you need to take specific actions such as participating in official Free Fire events, registering on the official Free Fire Skins website, utilizing the Elite Pass, and using redeem codes.

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