What Is Free Fire World Series (FFWS) ? Winner Team

The Free Fire World Series is the annual professional Free Fire world championship tournament. In the world champions’ tournaments, 48 players take part in 12 teams, and each team has 4 players. The winning team collected $2 million USD. The success of FFWS is that it has been the most-watched esports event live, creating history.

What is ffws

In the Free Fire World Series, players engage in the form of a squad battle royale game. These players airdrop onto the island without weapons. After landing on the island, players search for weapons, gadgets, and med kits. Players have to knock down other players with the help of weapons they find on the island. The last team to survive in the end wins the game. If you want to enjoy worldwide players at one platform you can go with FF Advance Server.

Who is the winner of FFWS 2023?

The winner of FFWS 2023 is The Magic Squad Clinching. The FFWS 2023 took place on November 26, with many teams participating. After two weeks of intense action, The Magic Squad Clinching secured the title and became the champions of FFWS 2023.

How to Join Garena Free Fire World Series Tournaments?

There are two ways to join Garena Free Fire World Series Esports Tournaments:

  1. If you have the Discord app, simply register there for Garena Free Fire, and you will easily gain access to Garena Free Fire tournaments.
  2. Alternatively, you just need to follow the steps on the Game.tv web app. After completing the steps, you will see the tournament calendar, where you can find upcoming Garena Free Fire Tournaments.

Best Teams in Free Fire World Series 2022

There were some of the best teams in the Free Fire World Series Tournaments:

  1. 1st – EVOS Phoenix Thailand, won $500,000
  2. 2nd – Vivo Keyd Stars from Brazil, won $250,000
  3. 3rd – Nigma Galaxy Thailand from Thailand, won $100,000
  4. 4th – Magic Squad from Brazil, won $100,000
  5. 5th – Ignis Esports from South America, $90,000
  6. 6th – RRQ Kazu from Indonesia, won a prize of $80,000
  7. 7th – Vasto Mundo from Portugal, won a prize of $80,000
  8. 8th – AV Radicals from the Philippines

Recap – What is Free Fire World Series?

The Free Fire World Series is an international Esports tournament where teams from around the world participate in squad battle royale mode. Twelve teams, each with four players, participate in the event, and the team that survives in the end wins the tournament.

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