How To Push Rank In Free Fire? A Complete Guide

Free Fire is the most played game worldwide. This game offers a unique ranking system where players can access higher leagues to unlock better rewards and many more items like unique skins and special characters. To improve your rank, you must devise a better strategy. Rewards are given to the players based on their performance in the game. These awards increase in value as you move up in rank. If you are new to the game and want to boost your rank faster, we will share some tips and tricks with you that will help you. For professional gameplay you have to play with FF Advance Server.

How to push rank in free fire

Some Tips and Tricks to Push Rank Faster in Free Fire

Here are some tips and tricks to push rank faster in free fire,

Choose Your Landing Area Carefully

Your game results may depend on where you land. If you land in a crowded area where there are already a lot of players seeking to loot, there will be early battle clashes that can be risky for you if you are a newbie. On the other hand, if you land in a wilderness location, you will have enough time to gather weapons and other items.

It’s most important to understand the landing area. If you want competitive gameplay, you should land in a busy area and engage early in combat with other players. If you prefer a passive playing style, you have to land in an area away from early-game battles and choose side areas.


When you are trying to push your rank in Free Fire, you need to be secretive in your movement. If you really want to climb the ranks swiftly, don’t act foolishly; behave strategically. To achieve this, you should take a vehicle, improve your mobility, and move from one location to another. Avoid rushing to kill the enemy unless they are actually blocking your path.

Play as a Team

Playing as a squad will definitely increase your rank in Free Fire. You can effectively attack other players as your teammates will cover you. If you get knocked out in a game, your squad will aid you in recovery.

Create a guild that matches your desired playstyle, and your rank will increase faster. Additionally, you can play with an aggressive squad if you love an aggressive playstyle.

Improve Your Individual Skill

To push your rank in Free Fire, you should enhance your individual skill. To do so, participate in training grounds to practice different aim-improving skills, as well as recoil control for various weapons and scopes.

To improve your individual skill, it is recommended that you play in custom rooms with your pro teammates and work on enhancing your crosshair position and getting more headshots.

Some Key Points To Push Rank In Free Fire

Here are some key points you must follow to push rank in free fire,

  • Choose your landing Area Carefully.
  • Try to focus on more loot.
  • Always play as a squad.
  • Utilize Cover
  • Emphasis on practice.
  • Be Vigilant
  • Always Use Appropriate weapons
  • Understand the Circle

Recap – How to Push Rank in Free Fire

To unlock more rewards, you have to push your rank in Free Fire. Achieving this involves adopting some tips and tricks, including choosing your landing area carefully, camping strategically, playing as a team, and also focusing on improving your individual skill by practicing in custom rooms with your pro teammates.

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