How To Recover Free Fire Account? Step-By-Step Guide

Free Fire is the best action battle royale mobile game until now. For the gaming community, players of Free Fire set their account, which has its unique value because they have set their account by their own desire. For example, they have purchased many UCs, have a lot of diamonds, and also have purchased in-game items like gadgets, weapons, costumes, and unique characters.

How to recover free fire-account

So if we say a Free Fire account is an asset for the Free Fire players, it will not be wrong as they spend many hours daily to play and complete different tasks. Just think about this: if any player has invested in his Free Fire account and for some time, he cannot open his account, but after some weeks or months, he wants to play Free Fire and cannot access the account, so how much frustration he will face. It will be painful and disappointing for those who have lost their account for any specific reason. If you have lost your linked account you can’t access to the FF Advance Server because it requires verified Free Fire account.

Is It Possible To Get Back Free Fire Account?

We can lose our Free Fire account for some major cause like forgetting login credentials, changing devices, and sometimes having some issue with linked accounts. So in this article, we are going to discuss how we can recover Free Fire lost accounts.

Free Fire is a game that offers multiple methods of authentication. So if we have lost our Free Fire account and want to recover it, there are different methods by which we can recover our accounts.

How to Get Back the Lost Free Fire Account?

A Free Fire account can be lost in three ways:

  1. Lost Guest Account
  2. Lost Facebook Account
  3. Banned Account

Recover a Guest Account

If we have a guest account on Free Fire, we must link it with a Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail account. If we do not link our account, we could lose it. For example, if we have changed our smartphone, and the device we used to connect is no longer working, we can lose our account. In such a case, we have one last option to recover our account: submitting a request to Garena through this form.

Recover Facebook Account

First of all, we have to open the Facebook login page. Then, we have to choose the “Forgotten Password” button. Put in your mobile number or email account and choose the option to receive an OTP. Now you can reset your password. After this, log in to your Facebook account. Now, open Free Fire and re-login with the new password. The original profile will be open again.

Recover Banned Account

If any player goes against the rules of Garena, the account will be banned. This ban remains permanent because of using illegal tools or insulting or abusing other players. In the case of a permanent ban, we have only one option: to create a new account and start from scratch. If you want to remain secure from permanent bans, don’t cheat or harass while playing the game.

Recap – How to Recover Free Fire Account

If any player has lost the Free Fire account, they can access it back through their guest account by submitting a request to Garena. If the lost account is linked with Facebook, it can be recovered by resetting the Facebook password. In the case of a permanent ban, recovery is possible by creating a new account. Remember to update your linked account passwords and ensure your two-step authentications for added security.

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